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About Us

Endorsed by the International Association of Professional Life Coaches

 MLCC-NY is a Professional Life Coach training and treatment center located in New York City.

Have you felt calling to be of service to others and share your lifetime of experience , application, and study in a meaning way ? If you have this new experiential training this could be the answer to your search and can set you on a fulfilling new path as a Professional Certified Life Coach.

Our Professional Life Coach courses are designed to provide you with the essential knowledge, skills and the right questions to as your clients.

As a professional coach you will:

  • Understand the meaning and purpose of their lives, set goals, and develop a plan for making them a reality
  • Discover their true potential and lead a more fulfilling , successful life style. * You will learn how to help them change their thought patterns and discover solutions to life’s challenges to where they can enjoy more quality time with family and friends.
  • Using the tools found in your certification course you will learn the fundamentals of coaching and ways to assist each client using tools such as meditation , visualization / imagery, life coaching skills and hypnosis , combined with positive psychology , lifestyle changes , and working with attitudes and emotions .
  • Through our in class or by webinar class interaction and observation with other students you’ll practice what you’re learned so you can be confident in your ability to guide your clients to the” next level “ of their life / business choices . You will help them open up to new infinite possibilities, all while helping make the world a better place!

Life Coaching

Life coaching helps individuals live their lives to the fullest by introducing new perspectives to realize hidden potential.

We help you connect your head and your heart in ways that transform your passion for your dreams into action for your life.

My Life Coaching Center - NY:

  • ADD / ADHD
  • Anger Managment
  • Adults, Teens, Children
  • Creative Self
  • Dating-Relationships-Divorce
  • Weight loss Eating Disorders
  • Family
  • Lifestyles
  • Goal setting
  • Life Purpose
  • Marriage -Couples
  • Motivation
  • Organization Skills
  • Self Confidence / SelfEsteem building
  • Addiction
  • Incest
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Domestic Violence

Designations We Offer

Sober Coach | Recovery Coach | Addiction Coach | Relationship Coach | Food Addiction Coach | Health and Wellness Coach | Domestic Violence Coach | Dating Coach | Family Addiction Coach | Career Coach | Couples Coach


Recent News

  • Dr. Jami Epstein has become a TV Producer

    Dr. Jami Epstein has become a TV Producer

    The name of the show is MY Life Coaching Center - NY Coaches Corner.

    Dr. Epstein will interview professional certified coaches and bring their talents and services into the community and world wide. 

  • Former Ms. Puerto Rico Earns Certification

    Former Ms. Puerto Rico Earns Certification

    Yami Glez, Former Ms. Puerto Rico 1989, has earned her Health and Wellness Coach Certification with Dr. Jami Epstein and MY Life Coaching Center - NY


  • Dr. Epstein Appointed Ambassador

    Dr. Epstein Appointed Ambassador

    Due to his years of study and training in the Coaching Profession, CEO & Founder Orly Amor and President Doris Kotsis of the Health and Wellness Commerces, Manhattan Chapter, have appointed Dr. Jamie Epstein to Ambassador.

    Part of his duties will be to continue to train individuals to become certified Life Coaches and to recruit new coaches.

    My Life Coaching Center — NY

    Treatment and Professional Certifications Since 1988

    Endorsed by The Health & Wellness Network of Commerce Manhattan, NY Chapter


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